Aachen, September 2, 2021. Micro on, ears open: Aachen-based printen and chocolate factory Henry Lambertz is launching an in-house produced podcast.

Under the title "Genuss Ansichten-Printen. Promis. Plauderei", the sole owner of Lambertz, Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, provides insights into the business of the world market leader for autumn and Christmas cookies on the occasion of the company's 333rd anniversary. The first episode will be released in time for the anniversary in mid-September on all popular podcast portals.

"Lambertz has been writing stories since 1688. That's what we're talking about now. Entertaining, exciting and personal," says Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker at the launch of the Lambertz podcast "Genuss Ansichten-Printen. Promis. Plauderei", In the 40 minutes or so of the first episode, listeners are taken behind the scenes of pastry production, for example. In addition, the transformation of the confectionery manufacturer from a niche supplier of Printen to a global player since the 1970s is discussed. And finally, the entrepreneur explains why gingerbread, dominoes and the like are already on supermarket shelves in August.

In episode two, Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker chats about the famous Lambertz "Monday Night", the social meeting place on the occasion of the International Confectionery Fair in Cologne. Whether it's the fuss over the numerous celebrity guests or the excitement over impending floods and last-minute security checks for high-ranking state guests - the Lambertz podcast reveals many an insight from more than 20 years of Lambertz "Monday Night".

"With the new show, Lambertz, Germany's sweetest brand with the richest tradition, is consistently taking the step towards auditory storytelling," explains Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker. "Marketing for the ears strengthens our approach of making our products even better known with innovative communication concepts." Indeed, Lambertz does without classic TV advertising. Brand ambassador Prof. Bühlbecker is considered the founder of content marketing in Germany and instead stages himself and the brands of his group of companies with self-hosted events, charitable involvement and sponsorship, as well as through the support of personalities from politics, culture and show business.

The first two episodes of the podcast "Genuss Ansichten-Printen. Promis. Plauderei", have already been recorded and will appear on all popular podcast platforms at one-month intervals from the anniversary on September 15. Other celebrations of the anniversary include an interactive, digital report on the topic of "333 years of innovations: Lambertz and the future of the confectionery industry" and the relaunch of the "Our History" category on the Lambertz website.

The Lambertz Group

Lambertz is the world market leader in autumn and Christmas cookies. Founded in Aachen in 1688, the products of the Lambertz, Henry Lambertz, Kinkartz, Dr. Quendt, Weiss and Haeberlein-Metzger brands now enjoy worldwide popularity. Under the leadership of Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, the Lambertz Group generated €637 million in sales in the fiscal year 2019/2020 with approximately 4,000 employees in seven factories in Germany and Poland.


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