Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole shareholder of the Lambertz Group, has now been honored with the " Goldener Zuckerhut " award, the most prestigious award in the German food or consumer goods industry.

Exclusive, Oscar-worthy award ceremony of Lebensmittel Zeitung in Berlin - Top-class jury selects the outstanding achievement of the medium-sized entrepreneur from Aachen - Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of EDEKA Zentrale AG, holds laudatory speech for the award winner: "His work fascinates and stands out in the entire industry in a particularly positive and exemplary way."

Aachen/Berlin - Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole shareholder of the Lambertz Group, has now been awarded the "Goldener Zuckerhut" prize, the highest honor in the German food and consumer goods industry, at a gala event held by Deutscher Fach-verlag (DFV) in Berlin. The coveted prize is considered the "Oscar" of the industry and is awarded annually by Lebensmittel Zeitung, the leading German trade magazine for the consumer goods industry (food and non-food), to only a few prize winners.

For the 63rd time, Lebensmittel Zeitung honored outstanding personalities and companies that have made a special contribution to the German or European consumer goods industry at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. The award is given for an entrepreneurial or personal achievement that has had a major impact with a lasting effect on the overall development of this sector of the economy. In 1998, Lambertz as a company was already awarded the " Goldener Zuckerhut " for its already successful development. Prof. Bühlbecker now received the "Goldener Zuckerhut 2021" in recognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur who "transformed a small, regional Printen bakery into a confectionery group with a global reputation and the market leader in the segment of autumn and Christmas cookies." The award citation went on to say, "The basis for his entrepreneurial success is courage and determination. This drive can be seen above all in the impressive development of his company, whose sales he has increased eighty-fold over the past 40 years."

In his laudatory speech, Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of EDEKA Zentrale AG, paid tribute above all to the exemplary entrepreneurial personality of the Lambertz owner, which fascinated him personally: "You combine many impressive character traits. Your commitment and total dedication to your company are impressive. Over the past five decades, you have created one of the top addresses for confectionery in terms of size and, above all, quality. In 1978, when you took the helm, sales were only 16 million deutschmarks; today, the Lambertz Group generates 656 million euros annually. Chapeau! Or rather: Game, set and match, Hermann Bühlbecker. Your concept for success has always included the rapid and consistent alignment of the product range to the needs of the customers and thus - first and foremost, of course - to the wishes of the consumers. The basis for this is the highest level of quality awareness and innovation. Producing the perfect product has always been your priority"

In his speech, CEO Mosa also emphasized the special closeness and commonalities of EDEKA as Germany's largest food retailer, especially with medium-sized, owner-managed companies, for which the Lambertz Group exemplarily and positively stands. In conclusion, he said to the exclusive circle of industry and trade: "The German food industry has gathered here today to pay you the greatest respect.

Your outstanding personality also includes, above all, your social commitment and your communication skills - for example, as an ambassador for your brands and as a host for prominent events. This commitment also radiates positively on the entire confectionery and food industry."

The industry award was established in 1958 by Lebensmittel Zeitung, Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. This year's award was decided by a top-class jury, which selected Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker in the "Personality" category and two other winners in the "Company" category: Develey Senf & Feinkost (Unterhaching) and Edeka Niemersheim (Hamburg).

This year's jury consisted of: Martin Behle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of METRO Großhandelsgesellschaft, Marc-Aurel Boersch, CEO of Nestlé Deutschland AG, Klaus Dohle, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Dohle Handelsgruppe Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Klaus Gehrig, Schwarz Unternehmenstreuhand KG, Franz-Olaf Kallerhoff, Procter & Gamble Germany GmbH, Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Management Board of Edeka-Zentrale AG, Clemens Tönnies, Tönnies Holding ApS & Co. KG, Christoph Werner, Chairman of the Management Board of dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karl-Heinz Johnen, Managing Director Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, Karl Stefan Preuß, Karl Preuß GmbH & Co. KG, Erich Stockhausen, Rewe Stockhausen oHG, as well as Christiane Preuschat, Editor-in-Chief of Lebensmittel Zeitung, and Peter Esser, Managing Director of dfv Me-diengruppe).

Caption: Markus Mosa (l.), EDEKA Chairman of the Board, held the laudatory speech for Lambertz sole shareholder Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, the "Golden Sugar Loaf 2021" award winner. (Text and photos: royalty-free)

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