Aachen, August 23, 2021. The Aachen-based Printen and Chocolate Factory Henry Lambertz will celebrate its 333rd company anniversary on September 15, 2021.

It is only through the constant drive to create new occasions for enjoyment that the traditional and family-owned company is still on everyone's lips today and, as the oldest confectionery manufacturer in the country, can look back on 333 years of history. It is thanks in particular to the entry into the business and innovative spirit of today's Lambertz sole owner, Prof. Bühlbecker, that Lambertz remains one of Germany's top brands to this day. As a brand ambassador, he carries on the spirit of his ancestors, conquered the international market with traditional German pastries, and is already working on new, exciting projects.

Lambertz is much more than just a confectionery company - from a supplier to the court to a global player, from a producer of traditional “Kräuterprinte” to a manufacturer of a wide range of products with revolutionary organic pastries and chocolate specialties. But none of this would exist today if Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker had not given up his dream of a tennis career in the 1970s and saved the family business from bankruptcy. Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker is now using the anniversary to offer a personal glimpse of the group behind the scenes.

In September, his podcast "Genuss Ansichten- Printen. Promis. Plauderei", in which the entrepreneur engages in conversation for 45 minutes each and shares his favorite stories and unforgettable experiences. You can listen to the first two episodes on the company's history and marketing strategy, as well as with exciting insights into the planning of the well-known Lambertz "Monday Night" in the anniversary month of September.

For his retail partners, he is also working on an interactive, digital report on the topic of "333 years of innovations: Lambertz and the future of the confectionery industry." This will also be available in printed form at the Anuga confectionery trade fair in Cologne.

The "Our History" section of the Lambertz website will also be given a new coat of paint to reflect the company's rich history. The company is also expanding its social media presence in order to be able to provide its customers with further highlights.

Not the “Printen King”, but a “Service Provider”

Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker sees himself first and foremost as a service provider: "You only have to go to REWE, to Edeka and to the other big retailers - and that's what I do - then you feel that we all have to make an effort to supply the consumer with great products. That's where I'm a service provider for the consumer and the consumer is king." In keeping with this spirit, he and his company have been celebrating all year on the Lambertz Group's social media channels with generous sweepstakes under the banner of the 333rd anniversary, and here he also shares his personal insights into historical material, current stories and outlooks on the company's future. By the way, customers can find his favorite Lambertz pastries in the markets with the special anniversary award "333 years of Lambertz baking tradition".

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Lambertz is the world market leader in autumn and Christmas cookies. Founded in Aachen in 1688, the products of the Lambertz, Henry Lambertz, Kinkartz, Dr. Quendt, Weiss and Haeberlein-Metzger brands now enjoy worldwide popularity. Under the leadership of Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, the Lambertz Group generated €637 million in sales in fiscal year 2019/2020 with approximately 4,000 employees in seven factories in Germany and Poland.


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