Many Lambertz products are products with an assured history of origin. With these products, nothing may be changed in the product itself, neither in the recipe nor in the appearance. It is therefore important to put a great deal of value and creativity into the packaging here, without affecting the safety and shelf life of the products.

For this reason, Lambertz has relied on tinplate as a material for its decorative tins from the very beginning. This material can provide the desired safety and durability and is even very sustainable. The Weißblech Kommt Weiter "Tinplate goes further" platform is an initiative that aims to inform and entertain about this material.

Since Lambertz, as mentioned, has been protecting and selling its products with tinplate boxes from the very beginning, it was of course natural for our Lambertz sole proprietor to conduct an interview about the initiative. Find out more here about how Lambertz and tinplate fit together and complement each other positively!

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