When the confectionery industry gathers in Cologne as part of the International Sweets and Cookiess Fair (ISM), Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker uses the occasion as an opportunity to hold Germany's sweetest party in the “Wartesaal” at the cathedral and has been doing so for over 20 years. His invitation to the legendary "Monday Night" on 28 January 2019 was once again accepted by numerous guests from all over the world.

The motto was "Rockin' Chocolate" and celebrities like Sarah Ferguson, John Corbett, Pamela Anderson, Nastassja Kinski and Chris de Burgh experienced an unforgettable evening. Wilma Elles, Britta Heidemann, Dieter Hallervorden, Patrick Lange, and Maria Höfl-Riesch were there too and celebrated in a mesmerizing atmosphere until the early morning hours.

In a brilliant "Chocolate & Fashion" show, sexy models such as Rosanna Davison, Toni Dreher-Adenuga, Julianna Townsend, Klaudia Giez and Anna Hiltrop breathed life into the glamorous art couture. Other highlights of the evening included Pamela Anderson's performance, in which she rocked the stage with her "Let's Dance" partner Maxime Dereymez, and Isabel Celeste Dawson's musical opening of the after-show party.

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