The Blue Carpet 2023 of the Aachen Chamber of Commerce and Industry provided a platform to discuss three important topics currently affecting the German economy: energy transition, supply chains and workforce security.

As a participant in the panel discussion, Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole owner of Lambertz, showed understanding for the importance of the switch to renewable energies. However, he stressed that a willingness on the part of policymakers to ensure that energy prices remain both sustainable and competitive by international standards, and that energy is actually available, is necessary to achieve a commitment from the business community. Among others, Dr. Markus Miele, Managing Partner and Member of the Executive Board of Miele & Cie. KG in Gütersloh, also took part in the discussion.

The results of the new edition of the Länderindex Familienunternehmen "Country Index Family Businesses" study, which compares 21 OECD countries, underscored the exchange. The study concluded that Germany's attractiveness as a business location is waning. Gisela Kohl-Vogel, President of the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, also emphasized: "The challenges for Germany as a business location are enormous. The economic, ecological and social future of our country is at stake."

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