The European Candy Kettle Club is a central, European alliance organization of the supplier industry, among others for the confectionery sector, which once a year presents the "European Candy Kettle Award" to renowned, outstanding personalities from the industry who shine with exemplary company and market leadership, high product quality and constant innovations.

This year, the award goes to Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker. This pleasing news was personally passed on to the Lambertz sole proprietor by the committee at this year's ISM (International Sweets and Biscuits Fair). With this award, he will be inducted into the "Hall of Fame" of the European confectionery industry, in which other well-known names of the industry, such as Michele Ferrero, Rudolf Sprüngli or Sir Adrian Cadbury, have already found their place.

The official award ceremony will take place in Aachen in September.

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