From a Printen bakery in Aachen, he formed a confectionery company with a worldwide reputation. On May 5, 2022, Lambertz sole owner was Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker was present at the interactive “Young Business Factory Now” livestream of the Lebensmittel Zeitung and answered some questions on the topic “Personality makes the brand – storytelling and sales”. The focus was on his role as a brand ambassador and his development into a confectionery company with a global reputation.

In the livestream, Prof. Dr. Bühlbecker realizes how important he is to maintaining old companies and brands - for him, all of these products are cultural assets of the time. “If we bring this to the whole world and the products are given away, then a piece of German history will also be given away,” he says. An Aachen-based Printen bakery has become a confectionery company with a global reputation. He cleverly uses the mechanisms of media society to do this. Rewe businessman Max Stenten contributed a trading perspective, which led to an interesting exchange between the two entrepreneurs.

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