In the heart of Kyoto, at the magnificent Four Seasons Hotel, a unique event unfolded - the International Evening of the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit. As host of this remarkable event, which was held for the 18th time, Lambertz played a key role and excellently combined business, pleasure and culture.

The event's participants were no less impressive. With CEOs and executives from some 400 retailers, manufacturers and other stakeholders from over 70 countries, they made up a diverse audience. Chaired by Lambertz sole proprietor, Prof. Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, the evening was characterized by inspiring conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. The Consumer Goods Forum, a major organization in the consumer goods industry, provided its members, including Bühlbecker, with a valuable platform for dialog and exchange.

The culinary highlight of the evening was undoubtedly our irresistible delicacies, which delighted the guests and rounded off the event. The combination of business and pleasure, culture and cookies was a complete success.

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