Last Friday it was that time again: the crème de la crème of the German confectionery industry gathered in Berlin for the annual award ceremony of the " Goldenen Zuckerhut." For the 63rd time, Lebensmittel Zeitung honored outstanding personalities and companies that have rendered outstanding services to the German or European consumer goods industry. This year, Lambertz sole owner Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker received this coveted award as an "outstanding personality" for his personal commitment as a brand ambassador and "one of the best-known managers of the food industry."

In his laudatory speech, Markus Mosa, Chairman of the Board of EDEKA Zentrale AG, paid particular tribute to the exemplary entrepreneurial personality of the Lambertz owner, which fascinated him personally in particular: "You combine many impressive character traits. Your commitment and total dedication to your company are impressive. Over the past five decades, you have created one of the top addresses for confectionery in terms of size and, above all, quality. In 1978, when you took the helm, sales were only 16 million deutschmarks; today, the Lambertz Group generates 656 million euros annually. Chapeau! Or rather: Game, set and match, Hermann Bühlbecker. Your concept for success has always included the rapid and consistent alignment of the product range to the needs of the customers and thus - first and foremost, of course - to the wishes of the consumers. The basis for this is the highest level of quality awareness and innovation. Their priority is always the perfect product."

The Lambertz Group had already been honored as a company in 1998. The Lebensmittel Zeitung (Food Newspaper) reports on its website about Dr. Bühlbecker's award as Ambassador 2021. Prof. Bühlbecker's own experiences from over 40 years of living the company's history are reported in our new podcast "Genuss Ansichten - Printen. Promis. Plauderei.", which you can listen to on iTunes or Spotify.


Genuss Ansichten – Printen. Promis. Plauderei.
Folge 1: Vom Nischenanbieter für Printen zum Global Player

The first episode of our podcast is about how Germany's oldest "sweet brand" came into being, why owner Hermann Bühlbecker became a company savior rather by accident, and how Lambertz went from being a niche supplier of Printen to a global player.

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