Lambertz sole owner Prof. Dr. Yesterday, Hermann Bühlbecker was a participant in a lively discussion on the Misereor podcast “Mit Menschen" in Aachen. Together with Katarina Barley, Vice President of the European Parliament, and Pirmin Spiegel, Managing Director of Misereor, global inequality and current social issues were examined. The event was moderated by Jan Malte Andresen, part of the WDR2 morning magazine.

The discussion took place against the backdrop of the artist Lilli Muller's impressive exhibition "Global Supper", which already caused a stir at the Venice Biennale. The artist's work aims to bring people together to find achievable solutions for a better world.

As part of a live recording of the Misereor Podcast, Dr. Bühlbecker  took the opportunity to exchange his thoughts on important issues of current affairs.

The event, which took place as an accompanying program to the "Global Supper" exhibition, artfully questions global inequalities. This approach fit perfectly with the discussion in which Dr. Bühlbecker, Katarina Barley and Pirmin Spiegel discussed solutions to global inequality and poverty.

This event is a reminder that we can all play a role in creating a more just world - whether through discussions, through art or through our everyday actions.

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