One of the most spectacular moments of the annual Lambertz "Monday Night" is definitely the legendary "Chocolate & Fashion" show with great performances by acts like Pamela Anderson, George McCrae, Diana Schneider, Quincy Azzario, or the team which accompanies choreographer Fidel Buika.

The uniqueness of the stage spectacle is however also ensured by cute models like Rosanna Davison, Toni Dreher-Adenuga, Julianna Townsend, Klaudia Giez and Anna Hiltrop, who skilfully rock the catwalk. The creative heads in the background play, of course, a big part in making the evening unforgettable. Selected designers surprise us every year anew with very special outfits made of delicious Lambertz delicacies.

Our picture gallery shows the art couture creations of Larisa Katz, Peter Mero, Aïcha Gerards, Paul A. Jackson, 7Slim, Tatyana Ozhiganova and Kristina Bautina, which inspired the audience with "Rockin' Chocolate":

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