Why are gingerbread cookies from Aachen called Printen?

There is evidence that gingerbread with a picture on it has been around in Aachen since the 15th century. Gingerbread dough was formed using a wooden model in a way that is similar to the printing process. In the course of time, however, the gingerbread cookies became too expensive for the customers and were usually also too hard and not very sweet so the demand decreased. A new and improved recipe was created and the resulting gingerbread was given the name Printe derived from the word “prenten” meaning to print.

Why is gingerbread with spices hard?

According to traditional gingerbread recipes, these cookies should have only sugar and/or honey, flour and spices as ingredients and should not contain fat. Due to the high sugar content and especially the rock candy sugar added to the gingerbread, the baked goods are hard and brittle.

How come dominos resemble each other so perfectly?

Dominos are produced with the help of modern technology. The different layers of a domino are put on top of each other (gingerbread/jelly/marzipan) and cut into cubes of the same size by a machine. Afterwards they are covered with milk chocolate, white chocolate or with dark chocolate for the lovers of the classic version.

In which other countries besides Germany can you buy Lambertz products?

Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Belgium, Holland, USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, England, Japan, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, India, Namibia, South Africa, China, Singapore.

Where do you get your chocolate from or do you make it yourself?

The cocoa beans come mainly from the Ivory Coast and our suppliers turn them into milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate according to our recipe specifications.