Lambertz is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and looks back on a long tradition. Our tradition, corporate identity and ability to produce high quality products are important values for trustful communication with consumers. Because satisfied customers are the basis of our success. That is why we always want to recognize the changing needs of our customers and strive to continually improve our products and services.


In order to lead our group of companies successfully into the future, we must adapt to the changing market requirements. We recognize market opportunities early on and can therefore react quickly to market developments. Due to the constant and fast developments on the production side and the inventiveness of our company, we are flexible and, thanks to a wide range of production possibilities, we are always prepared for further expansion of the product range.


The Lambertz Group continues to view its concentrated commitment to society as a long- and medium-term investment in the future.

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Our employees are our most important asset. Satisfied and qualified employees are essential for us to be able to meet our own demands of ourselves. All of our employees are highly trained top performers in their field. It is important to us that our employees contribute their skills in the best possible way and that we, in return, value their contribution to the success of the company.


However, we are not only committed to the company: Lambertz is also actively involved in the fight for better living conditions internationally. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) and the Elton John AIDS Foundation are some of the aid projects we support.


An equally important and integral part of our corporate philosophy has always been the idea of sustainable management and the economical use of resources. We are very aware of our responsibility for sustainable business.


At Lambertz, the use of sustainably produced raw materials is very important. We are therefore consistently pursuing our sustainable procurement policy. For example, we only use sustainable, RSPO-certified palm oil and even develop products which have no palm oil at all. For our organic products, we adhere to the "Identity Preserved" standard, which enables us to trace the raw material back to the plantation they are sourced from. All products that contain egg are subject to the KAT standard. In addition, all Lambertz products have been produced using Fairtrade cocoa since 2017.

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All suppliers we work with are subject to strict test criteria and must be certified accordingly. Our internal guidelines ensure that we only contract companies that are themselves actively working on sustainability processes and improving working conditions in the producing countries.


Transportation between the plants is optimized to avoid empty runs as far as possible. For all journeys, Lambertz also uses special space-saving transport containers that accommodate a maximum of products on one pallet and thus take up as little space in the truck as possible. This means fewer trips are required and CO2 emissions are reduced.


The company's policy is based on the goal of improving energy efficiency. To this end, all German plants are integrated into an energy management system that is certified according to ISO 50001.


In order to avoid business trips that have a negative impact on the climate, the management encourages telephone and video conferences between the Group's locations. More than 95 percent of internal communication is already paperless.